Ian Sheridan is a professional Bassist, Producer, and Mixing Engineer. Ian has performed and recorded with many artists including multiple grammy winner Jason Mraz. Ian has produced and engineered multiple songs and albums that have recieved national radio airplay, charting, and commercial and media placement.

Producer and Mixing Engineer 

            Mixes via online file transfer available

            Audio and production Consultations available 


Electric and Upright Bassist

            Studio and Live Performance

                Bass Tracks via Online file transfer available



Ian Sheridan

Thank you for checking out my site! I am an electric and upright bassist. I also produce and mix records. I have been playing the bass professionally for over 20 years and have been producing and engineering for over 15 years. I'm grateful that I have been able to make a carreer out of this and to have worked all around the world with amazing people from all around the world. Even with my experience I will always consider myself a student of music. It is my goal to use my experience to make each performance, session, or project all that it can be and to learn from each experience to make the next one that much better. 


I'm currently based in Oahu, HI. and end up working with and performing with people from all over. I have a small production studio and also work out of different studios in the area.  I was very fortunate to tour the world for 8 years playing bass with multi-grammy winner, Jason Mraz who is still a dear friend. I've also been extremely lucky to play on sessions with world famous producers Steve Lillywhite, Toby Wright, and one of my oldest friends at this point and mentor, Ronan Chris Murphy. It's a blast to see things that I've produced and engineered end up on local and national radio and TV like my good friends, Left Hand Smoke who I've produced 2 albums for and occasionally play with. I also currently have my own band, Richie Aldente that tours regionally, has recieved national radio play, and has charted on jam band and college radio charts. 


I've tried to divide the site up into different pages of things that I do and tried to fill each page with pictures and links and examples of my work. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in anything that I can do for you. This site will be an ongoing work in progress as I will keep it updated and current to what I am working on. Thank you and check back soon!


Ian Sheridan