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"I'm Yours" on Letterman. 

"Ian is one of those rare players who has worked to gain the facility to play anything he wants but has the restraint and judgement to use that facility only when necessary. On electric his basslines are concise, refined, and lay a strong foundation that's easy to build upon. He's also one of my favorite upright players in town, with walking lines that provide clarity in form and a laid back, effortless feel. He understands and makes his primary concern the role a bass player fills in a band setting and, when given the space to let loose, has the dexterity and vocabulary to sing on his instrument."


Tarik Abouzied, Rad Drummer, Blogger

Ian Sheridan, Bassist, Bass player, Music Record Producer,  Mixing Engineer, Seattle, Recording

My background as a bass player came from studying jazz and playing in rock bands since I was a little kid. I started playing professionally when I was 15 and that's all I've done since. I've played in bands playing every genre of music under the sun. I love that one day I get to play a straight ahead jazz gig on my upright then the next play a screaming loud rock gig followed by an electro dance party and then play with an accustic singer songwriter. I've played in every type of venue known to man from a coffee shop with 3 people in it to 100k+ person festival audiences and everything in between. Oddly enough, sometimes there's more pressure performing for a club with 100 people in it than there is to an audience of 20k. I've also been lucky enough to play on TV and radio shows all around the world, on live DVD's, and to have appeared in multiple music videos.  I'm thankful for the experience of all shows and performances.  I love playing shows. When everything goes right there's a magic and trancendance that happens and a feeling of unity and participation for all involved that I don't feel anywhere else.  

"Curbside Prophet" w/ John Popper off of the Jason Mraz, Tonight Not Again, Live at The Eagles Ballroom DVD     Milwaukee, Wi.

"Dynamo Of Volition" Jason Mraz live at The Highline Ballroom NY. 

"Make it mine" Cool acoustic trio performance at The Sundance Film Festival. 

Mayors Of Liberty, Live in Brooklyn, NY.

Cool Pics  

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