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Album/Music Production

Bands, Solo Artists,  Indi Record, Lable Releases, Large or small budgets, All musical

styles - There's a million ways to make an album. Let me know what you're thinking and I'll help to make the best  album you can and the most out of your budget. 


Mixing Engineer 

Sessions via online file transfer - email me individual tracks, we'll figure out what you want and I'll email them back to you fully mixed. I'm also available to go to studios and mix your music. Whatever fits the project and budget. Either way I'll make it sound great and fit your music. 

Here are a few examples of my production work from all over the map. I've recently completely overhauled and upgraded my studio and very shortly I will have a whole new batch of new material that I will put up. 

"Drop Top" from Richie Aldente's second album, "Disco Baby" recieved national airplay on over 120 radio stations and made  Billboard and college radio charts. 

Shine On Everything - Left Hand Smoke
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"Shine On Everything" from Left Hand Smoke's 5th album was used for the 2 1/2 minute closing montage for the '13 season finale of "Grey's Anatomy."

"Ian Sheridan is a rare individual in the music world. Not only is he an excellent musician, able to deliver in the studio or on stage in a wide range of genres, but also a talented producer and engineer. Ian is meticulous in his productions. The results are highly musical, tasteful, and technically sound. I haven't run across many people who are as accomplished as Ian is on "both sides of the glass". I always look forward to Ian's sessions - they run smoothly and sound terrific!"


Barry Corliss, Mastering Engineer, Masterworks Seattle, WA. 

Ian Sheridan, Bassist, Bass player, Music Record Producer,  Mixing Engineer, Seattle, Recording
The Curse Of Don Wong - Gravity
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"The Curse Of Don Wong" is off of  Gravity's debut album, "Grimy" wich won Album Of The Year at Seattle's Lucid Inside Out awards. 


Autopilot - Drake Colton
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Just So You Know - Four
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Deja Vu - Gravity Feat. Rabbi Darkside
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Tracking drums, bass, and keys live off the floor at my home studio, Raw Dog Ranch for  Richie Aldente's second album. 


Ian Sheridan, Bassist, Bass player, Music Record Producer,  Mixing Engineer, Seattle, Recording

Electric Donkey Land. My current studio set up for editing, overdubbing, and mixing.

I started learning how to record when I was 17.  I was learning how to play bass on recordings and naturally wanted to learn how to do the recording myself. I am fortunate that now  I get to record and produce  albums for other people. Much like my approach to playing, I try to make songs and albums true and real to what each individual song and album is. Wheather producing or playing I've been a part of making hundreds of albums and they're all done completely differently. I try to draw on my experience to find the best way to record and present a song or group of songs while always working with and and hopefully adding to an artist's vision of what they should be. Another goal is to make the whole process creatively inclusive, fun, and enjoyable for everybody involved. 


I work on all sorts of different albums. Bigger budgets, smaller budgets, loud albums, quiet albums, rock albums, jazz albums, full bands, and individual artists. All of which present unique challenges to pull off. I work out of my home studio a lot to keep costs down when I can and then also work out of different rooms around town tracking drums or mixing when the budget is there.  I get to do a lot of different stuff everyday with it. That's part of what I love about producing. It's never the same thing over and over. I actually have to use my brain to problem solve as well as draw off of different experiences to get a job done. As a musician I've been fortunate to have worked with and learned from  many great producers such as Ronan Chris Murphy, Steve Lillywhite, Toby Right, and others. These people all display something that I believe is nescessary to be a great producer. That is that they are not a totalitarian ruler in the studio. They draw off of everyboy's talents and strengths around them, mediate ideas and come up with the best way to present music or solve a problem that the music presents. I try to fashion myself in this manner as I believe that multiple people's minds and tallents will make a better product in the end than just one person's efforts. A producer is much like the quarter back on a football team. The quarter back must recognize changing conditions and adversities in front of the team as well as their teammate's strengths and abillities to overcome the adversities, read all of this, call a play and use the whole team to get the job done often under pressure. 

How Deep Is The Ocean - Valerie Farber
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Frightened Explorer - Hardcortet
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*These are all MP3's. Contact me if you would like to hear More high resolution files. 

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