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Electric and Upright Bass

Studio sessions 

Live recording

All Musical Styles 

Emailed Bass Tracks! 

I can record high quality, professional bass tracks for your songs and sessions to your liking and send them to you via file transfer 

Here are a few examples of some session work I've done as a bass player. 

"Clockwatching" off Mraz's Mr.A-Z album produced by

Steve Lillywhite

"As a producer I work with some of the most prestigious musicians in the world and Ian Sheridan ranks among them in the studio. He is one of my favorite musicians to work with and I fly him to LA to play on sessions for me when ever I can."


Ronan Chris Murphy, Producer 

Ian Sheridan, Bassist, Bass player, Music Record Producer,  Mixing Engineer, Seattle, Recording

Recording at Robert Lang Studio for The Mayors of Liberty with producer, Toby Wright. 

"Not What I Expected" By Dave Nachmanoff produced

by Ronan Chris Murphy.  

"Rabbit" by Desert Merc

Ian Sheridan, Bassist, Bass player, Music Record Producer,  Mixing Engineer, Seattle, Recording

Overdubbing bass tracks at home to email off to a client. 

 I've gotten to do all sorts of recording sessions ranging from sitting in somebody's basement with headphones overdubbing to full band productions with world class producers in massive commercial studios in LA, New York and elsewhere. Weather the type of session or even the type of music my aim is usually the same, Play a part that is true to the music, groove, give it vibe, and lay down a solid foundation. Also, I find that the more I'm true to what the music needs the groove and vibe pretty much take care of themselves. I just need to bring them out. 


I started recording bass when I was a teenager and I've had a lot of great people over the years to help guide, teach,  and advise me along the way. I try to bring that advice and knowledge into what I record day to day and always keep an ear open for something new that I can learn. I love working with a great producer or an artist that has a real vision of how a song or album should end up. At the same time it's also great to be given free reign to do what I want with a track. Either way my goal is to have the client say, "Oh wow, that's exactly what I wanted," or  "Oh wow, that's exactly what that track needed." All of this is subjective as well. Playing stylistically correct is great and all but if the artist or producer wants it or it just seems like a good idea then putting a distortion/thrash bass solo over a beautiful acoustic number can be a great thing also. It doesn't happen everyday but it has and that is part of what makes recording such a blast. 

"Sarah" by Richie Aldente 


"Butterfly" off of the demo sessions we

did that turned into Mraz's third album

Cool Out - Gravity
00:00 / 00:00
Disco Baby - Richie Aldente
00:00 / 00:00
Son - Gravity
00:00 / 00:00

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